1 4 2 project part one choose your issue

Will pick on of the issues below and followed the attached guidelines I will be puttin on here.

Electric Cars

As concerns about the use of fossil fuels increase due to climate change, there has been a concerted movement to limit the use of these fuels in transportation. The push for electric vehicles has gained strength as battery and energy transportation technologies have advanced, but many hurdles still remain.

Example Question Further Reading
What advances must be made in electric car technology and usage to have an impact on climate change? “Electric Cars Are Not Necessarily Clean”

Commercial Nuclear Energy

As countries try to limit their carbon emissions, sources of energy that do not directly produce carbon emissions are in higher demand. Nuclear energy is a controversial alternative to plants that produce large amounts of carbon emissions.

Example Question Further Reading
Should nuclear energy be considered as a viable alternative to less environmentally friendly energy sources like coal and natural gas? “New York State Has a Plan to Rescue Nuclear Power”

Genetic Engineering

Even with the evolution of science, there are diseases and disorders that humans have trouble treating. As our knowledge of genetics has advanced, the question of whether it is possible (or ethical) to avoid these afflictions entirely has been raised.

Example Question Further Reading
Should humans take advantage of genetic engineering in an effort to eliminate diseases and disorders that are currently incurable? “Engineering the Perfect Baby”

Ocean Acidification

Since the Industrial Revolution, the Earth has had to deal with ever-increasing levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Of the many effects of increased carbon dioxide levels, one that often gets forgotten is on the world’s oceans. The oceans act as one of the world’s main carbon dioxide sinks—places or objects that help deal with carbon dioxide. This increase leads to a chemical reaction that results in ocean waters becoming more and more acidic.

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