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Create a PowerPoint and record yourself presenting( the information with both you and the PowerPoint viewable (i.e., like a real-life presentation). If you can’t record yourself for some reason, explain why.

The presentation: 10-minute video presentation

The Topic: Choose the age of development and then a specific topic within that realm that is relevant to you, a loved one, or your career path. As an example., here is what I would personally have in regards to options: I could choose toddlerhood for my son, middle childhood for my daughter, sibling issues, midlife concepts, or parenting concepts, amongst just a few!

I will choose early adulthood and adolescence

Deep dive: Once you find the period of development and the subtopic of development that you want to focus on (for example, personality development or school models), read all the textbook can offer and find additional resources to provide more detail. Books, primary source articles, developmental courses are all on the table. You must include at least one primary source, peer-reviewed journal article in your research. Please include a bibliography as the last slide if you cannot site your sources properly within the PowerPoint.

Interview: Once you do this deep dive, find an “expert” or at least someone who has a vast amount of experience in the field to bounce your findings off. Discuss your findings with them and see if they’ve found those findings to be true or if anything is missing.

Put it all together: Add the research, the interview results and your individual motivations to pursue the topic into your PowerPoint, record the presentation, upload, paste the link and call it a day.

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