1 page proposal and 11 page powerpoint

One page Paper Proposal *Company and TYPE Due ***

In the one page -describe what your presentation will be showing, explain how you want to incorporate info that we are learning in the class with the company you have chosen.  Review what the text says we will cover and build or design your paper and project from there.

Include two references in the one page paper. In the subject area put your name, the company when you submit in the drop box.

No Final Project accepted without proposal



Your assignment is to create a manufacturing company on Long  Island of any product you want to produce.

Your project should include

    • Brief history of the firm- products, and services.
    • Include a description of the firm’s business strategies, business models.
    • Analysis of the companies’ management, organization, and technology issues related to their operations and supply chain.
    • Include the role operations and supply chain management play in the company.
    • A budget including

Raw Materials

POS System

Computer System

Value Index

Labor Costs

Truck Rental

Truck (purchased)


Physical layout of plant

ERP System

    • A Gantt Chart with 7 tasks over 3 months

The paper will have the following sections;

·         Executive Summary

·         Sourcing

·         International Customs Laws, Regulations for Shipping

·         Operations Management (Transformation)

·         Location of Operations/Supplies Needed

·         Transformation Process

·         Technology Application

·         Labor Costs/Employees

·         Customer Management

·         Logistics 

·         Product Issues

·         Reverse Logistics

·         Conclusion

**Are you using an ERP, TQM, Six Sigma, Self Managed Teams, Kanban , lean manufacturing, RFID,  Inventory management or

  • Master planning
  • Material and capacity requirements planning
  • Production activity (shop floor) control
  • Systems and technologies


The project is to be presented in an 11 slide power point  paper with references cited. 





**Every Student must submit a one page proposal on the company they want to create or final project will not be accepted.**

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