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1.      Select one of the sites you have been tracking. (L.L. Bean)

2.      Prepare a summary of the objectives you believe that site has. The objectives may be a subset of the marketing and business objectives of the organization.

3.      List the corresponding metric(s) that would be needed to measure each objective.

4.      Present this information in a table that shows objectives and the corresponding metrics.

5.      Choose one of the businesses/organizations that you have been following throughout the course that could benefit from a mobile marketing campaign. (L.L. Bean)

6.      Develop a campaign outline. Note: This cannot be something that the company is already doing. Include the following elements in your outline:

a.       Specific campaign objectives

b.      Identification of the target audience

c.       Detailed description of the mobile marketing activities

d.      Metrics to be used to judge campaign success

e.       Timeline for the specific campaign

f.       Budget for direct costs incurred

7.      Conduct a privacy survey for the three web sites you are tracking. Do they have a privacy  (L.L. Bean, Grainger, Easter Seals)

8.      policy? Do the policies you find seem to meet the requirements of the Fair Information Practices Principles?

9.      Write a 3- to 4-page paper that reports your findings on the company. Include section headers in your paper that correspond to the information required. Include at least 2 to 3 resources besides your textbook. Your paper is to include the following sections:

a.       Objectives and Metrics.

i.            Include your table of objectives and metrics.

ii.            Discuss why the metrics are appropriate for the objectives.

b.      Mobile Marketing Campaign.

i.            Your outline containing the elements listed above.

ii.            An introduction to your outline that explains why the mobile marketing initiative is important and how it integrates into the overall marketing activities of the business.

c.       Privacy Survey

i.            Describe the privacy policy associated with each web site.

ii.            Discuss whether the policies meet the requirements of the Fair Information Practices Principles. Explain why or why not?

Discuss any similarities or differences in the polici

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