1) Suppose that you are the executive director for a local non-profit organization. Explain why you would need to develop a control system for your employees and volunteers. Why is the control function important to your organization? 2)You are still the executive director for the same local non-profit organization. You are responsible for the managing and leading the staff and volunteers on various projects and fund-raising campaigns, as well as the daily operations of the organization. Explain how empowerment and clan control can be created as a control mechanism within this non-profit organization. Give one example to support your thoughts.

As the executive director for a local non-profit organization, I would set up a control system for my employees and volunteers because a controlling function provides the information required for decision making and maintain the effectiveness of the business functions. One of the major benefits of the controlling function in a non-profit organization is that the challenges are readily known to the executive and strategic decisions can be made to overcome these obstacles. Managers use the control system in a non-profit organization to direct their employees and volunteers to act in the way that is expected by the organization. Though it is not micromanagement, controlling function is the process to achieve maximum productivity. Thus a controlling system in a local non-profit organization will ensure whether the plans has been adhered to otherwise corrective actions can be taken to achieve organizational efficiency leading to achieving organizational goals.
It is pertinent that the non-profit organization use empowerment and clan control as a control mechanism for the fund raising campaigns and the daily operations of the company. Clan control refers to the values and beliefs that the organization holds for operating as a family rather than just a company. In other words, Clan control is a set of people with the same interest working as a family. In clan control management style, the employees see their bosses as mentors and also share personal issues with them. The mentors nurture their employees to perform to their fullest. Empowerment is given to them to take decisions. A hierarchy decision making process is not followed in this management style. For example, as the executive of the non-profit organization, I would use clan control as a control mechanism for managing and leading the staff and volunteers for the projects. Since I would be considered as a mentor for the employees and volunteers, I would also be considered as a mother for the employees and thus work as a family. I would oversee the work-in-progress of the projects of every employee to ensure that there are no deviations in the project plan. This kind of management style is micromanagement in companies however, in a non-profit organization which uses the clan control mechanism; this style is considered to work as a family to produce more results. The employees are motivated and feel they are trusted when they are empowered to do things and take decisions at their level. In the clan control management style, the employees and volunteers would not hesitate to discuss the challenges and mistakes they make since they work as a family.

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