1. Talk about your experience being “mystery shopped”? What did they say or do? 2. If you were to mystery shop a business, what would it be? How would you behave? What would you ask?

Mystery shopping is an activity of pretending yourself as normal customer in the retail store when you are employed by the company’s sales department. In this job your work is to check how company’s products and services are being sold in the normal market. It is also done to check prices and quality of sales staff of various retail stores.
Mystery shopping is generally approached by each and every business enterprise. It is a surprise for the employees to check whether they are working according to the company’s policies and procedures or not. Therefore, due to this each and every employee work according to the policies and strategies of business without breaking any business law.

1. A long ago, I was mystery shopped by one women in my shoe store of NIKE. She came there to check whether our store is following the policies and strategies of the brand’s company or not. She came and ask that ,” what is the starting price of NIKE shoes you are selling? “. She asked many questions related to the products and services of our store.

She had also picked out each and every item displayed in the store and checked their quality. A complaint against quality of products is also made by her in order to check our employees behaviour in response. After analysing each and every aspect of our ongoing business procedures she provide us a report or feedback about her experience at the store.

2. If I ever mystery shop a business, it would be a movie theatre. I will totally behave like a normal customer who went there to watch a movie. I should know about each and every aspect on which I will do a mystery shopping which are as follows:-
How long the employees of theatre are taking time to greet me.
Quality and speed of services they provide
Cleanliness of movie hall
Employees are working according to the company’s standards or not I.e, dress code, logo, signage, etc
How employees are behaving with customers.
Whether they are punctual in their show timings or not. I.e, they should not be the reason for missing the start of movie by making them wait in a line for buying a movie ticket. It happens because of one cashier in the theatre.
I would ask the counter of ticket department:-

How much time you take to attend one customer at a time to sale one ticket to him/her.
I would ask to the cleanliness department of theatre that ,” why movie hall is not properly cleaned?”, etc

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