1.Why does being relevant in business communication require customized messages that are important to the targeted audience? 2.Why must you always understand your audience’s needs and preferred method of communication? 3.How can planning and reviewing the content of a business communication heighten the relevance of the message and the message’s meaning? 4.When do peer reviews assist in the quality and content of a message being communicated? 5.When should business communication contain content that gets and retains the attention or action by the targeted audience?

1 Different audience have different piece of processing the information. Hence it has to be customized as per their though process. There is possibility that the set of people who have same though process, shared culture can intrep t the message wrongly. This may hamper the business and sale go down. Hence it has to be customized as of the target audience.

2 It helps one to discover information to use to build common ground between him/her and the members of the audience

It enables one to have a way of gathering and interpreting Information

3 This is because planning enables one to remove any element of confusion to the audience and puts the message in the right shape for the audience and this information is judged in the following dimensions:

Speed of communication
Trust and credibility
4 This is because the message reviewed will reach the target group at the right time and with the right information about the product which may motivate the audience.


When the product in the communication is new to the audience
When the product in the communication has been changed or improved in its quality and quantity

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