128 PART ONE • The International Marketing Environment INTERNET EXERCISES Compare and contrast two different points of view on expanding trade by accessing the websites of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an industry coalition promoting increased access to and from world markets (www.uschamber.com), and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organi- zations (AFL-CIO) (www.aflcio.org). 2. Alibaba.com (www.alibaba.com) is a business- to-business e-commerce company. It operates two marketplaces: the first is an international market- place based in English and tailored to global impor- ters and exporters in China; the second is a Chinese marketplace that focuses on suppliers and buyers trading domestically in China. Is a company able to operate in both capacities?

1. The US Chamber of Commerce viewpoint of expanding trade is based on 3 facets:

Expanding trade results in increased number of jobs
Trade expansion helps in expanding export business
The ultimate motive behind expanding trade is increasing revenue and growth of the country
AFL-CIO is a strong advocate of working people. It wants that the trade policy and expansion must be based on the rights and interests of the working people of America and the focus must be on equal wealth distribution.

2.The key reason behind Alibaba’s grand success in both domestic and international market is the ideology of always putting the customer first. They formulate domestic policies keeping the taste of Chinese market in mind while in the international market space, the scale and diversification of product and services come to fore. Any company can operate in both domestic and international capacity if they devise their operational model based on the consumer taste and preference, buying capacity and standard of living.

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