(14-3,4,5,16) 1. Consider an incentive system that simply rewards production output. How can this system hurt an organization with a distinct bottleneck operation? What part of the organization will be hurt the most? 2. A major advantage of using SPT is the minimization of average flowtime. What is a disadvantage of the use of SPT? 3. Give an example in which more than one priority rule is used simultaneously to create a sequence. 4. The flowtime of the last job in a single work center’s schedule is 7 days. What is the makespan of this schedule?

1.) Disadvantages of incentive system that simply rewards production output are as follows:

knowledge transfer among the employees will be less
Team bonding and relationships will not be that good
family like culture could not be established within the organization
2.) Disadvantage of the use of SPT is as follows:

restricts innovation and creativity
Reduces the ability of a person to take decisions
3.) in case of manufacturing FMCG goods, raw materials mixing, process of making and then packaging all are taken into account to create a sequence.

4.) make span is the total time taken for the job, so make span in given case will be definitely more than 7 days.

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