17.1 Roberta Blumberg and Michael Ambrose worked together to create and market a for-profit Web-based electronic medical records program called “CampDoc” that would allow camps to input and access the medical records of their campers. Blumberg participated in both the design and the development of the CampDoc system, including its prototype, and Ambrose wrote the code for the CampDoc software. Ambrose told Blumberg that he was going to make her “a millionaire” through a share of the profits and ownership of the business. The two worked together to build the program and the markets for it. Ambrose created an LLC with himself as the sole owner. Blumberg realized she had been cut out of the company ownership. Does she have any rights?

Yes, Blumberg has rights to be a part of the company, since she has contributed in making designs , prototype of the Camp doc system .. Moreover , Ambrose has also promised Blumberg to make her a part of the business and share the profit with her

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