2. (a) What are the leading causes of death for young people? How much does the healthcare system have to do with their prevention? (b) What are the leading causes of death for older people? Which has more to do with their rates of occurence, lifestyle choices or medical care received throughout a person’s lifetime? (c) Discurss how general education (rather than health specific education) can affect health outcomes. In doing so, consider the links between educaiton, income, income related lifestyle choices, and health outcomes. (d) Taking into account the effects on people’s physical activity (and hence health outcomes) do you think that the American population is better off or worse off with higher gasoline prices?

(A) Death of those people who are age of 14 – 25 is caused by many prevenable or unpreventable action. The leading causes of death for young people are :-

Suicide in case of any depression or generation of feeling that nothing is there which is left in their life.
Murdered by someone in case of personal and professional disputes.
Accidents on roads
Birth defect in young persons from their Birth due to some issues in pregnancy
Cancer can also be categorized as the major cause which leads to death in young ones.
Due to brain stroke as today’s young generation is taking very much Pressure or stress in their mind, etc
Health care system must have to provide proper prevention facilities to the young Ones as they are the coming future of the nation. That means if there are no youngs in the society, there would no devedevelop in it. Therefore, Healthcare system must have to provide effective medical service facilities in needy areas in very reasonable price. Also provide better insurance facilities to them in higher rate and introduce various charity campaigns for those who are not capable to spend on their treatment, etc

(B) The leading causes of death of older people who are of more than 65 years are as follows :-

Cancer – breast cancer, blood cancer, jaw cancer, ete
Tuberculosis which is common nowadays in adults
Heart disease – damage in the values of heart, Heart attack, etc
Lower respiratory infections which mostly found in females
Sugar and Diabetes
Asthma and stroke, etc
There are many factors which have more to do with their rates of occurance. These are :-

Bad eating habbits
No walking – no exercise routine
Avoidness in their medical treatment, etc
These are the life style choices of older people which results in dangerous diseases in them which cannot be easily preventablep, that leads to death.

(C) Educated people understands the fact that good health is the key to their effective and efficient involvement in achieving their goals of success in the life.

If they are not healthy they cannot concentrate on their actions to achieve something in their life. Therefore, there are many factors which conclude that general education can affect the health outcomes positively as follows :-

Education teach a person about how to eat on time, and which food is good for their health.
Education can help the people by providing special medical care facilities to the need arise like doctors are Educated to provide medical care to their patients.
Education also help people to make their routine according to their physical needs. Example, there is different routine for thyroid patients and there is different routine for cancer patients, etc
People made a link between three factors

Income related lifestyle choices
People who are educated may live healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter for them whether they are from high income groups or from low income groups. Health outcome – healthy

In case of high income groups, they spend more money in bad eating habbits and easy lifestyle and spend less money in good eating habbits and healthy lifestyle. Health outcome – unhealthy

In case of low income groups, they are not able to get even treatment of their diseases at reasonable price. Health outcome – want to be healthy but are not able to be healthy due to costly healthcare systems.

(D) The American population is worse off with higher gasoline prices because higher gasoline prices leads to say goodbye to less fuel efficient vehicles. No doubt Americans approach to make people increase their participation and spend more time on certain physical activities through rise in gasoline prices but it results in families to Cut back on other certain expenses such as hired help for repairs, etc .This is so because higher gasoline prices leads to extra expenses on gasoline constraints such as the family budget, etc.

By spending extra expenses on gasoline, they also have to spend money on buying fuel efficient transport. Therefore, American population is worse off with higher gasoline prices.

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