2 questions please follow carefully all the requirements

Question 1: Reflect back on the readings and cases we discussed. Apply what you learned to one of the cases we discussed (Aqualisa Quartz, Surface Logix, Rohm and Haas, Nutz, CHEMAN, or Encyclopedia Britannica), and answer the questions listed the case you choose.

[Aqualisa Quartz: Why has the adoption of the new shower been so lackluster? How should the new shower be marketed?

Surface Logix: Should the firm pursue the food deal or the pharma deal?

Rohm and Haas: What price do you recommend for Kathon MWX? Applying the typology from the reading “The Dynamics of Product Innovation and Firm Competences,” what type of product is MWX? What consequences does that have for how MWX has been or should be marketed?

Nutz Inc: Evaluate the new product portfolio of Nutz Inc. according to the criteria in the reading. Which of the three products would you give the GO-decision?

CHEMAN: Evaluate CHEMAN’s efforts leverage its technology in light of the advice given in “Findings Applications”. What should CHEMAN have done differently?

Encyclopedia Britannica: What resources did EB have, both market-related and technology related, before entering digital media? Could these resources be leveraged to digital media? What resources were missing for the entry to digital media?]

Question 2: Reflect back on the readings and cases. Apply what you learned to a firm of your choice and formulate recommendations to make that firm more innovative. You can interpret “more innovative” as you choose, such as introduce more products, develop more innovative products, reduce cycle time, take better advantage of new markets or new technologies, etc.

Basically for question 1 you choose one. of the 6 cases and then answer its questions. For question 2 you choose any company and follow the instructions of the question. I have attached all the cases for question 1 and supplemental material for question 2.

I attached the materials for the question 1 and when the question has been assigned, I will attached the materials for question 2

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