2. What happens in the event of breach of the contract?

1. Does it satisfy all the legal elements of a contract? Go through each one and make contract is binding

2. What happens in the event of breach of the contract?

3. What are the damages? Types of damages? Remedies?

4. Does it have to be in writing?

5. What are the transportation terms if applicable?

6. Financing if applicable?

7. Termination of the contract or cancellation issues if applicable?

8. What type of clauses should be included?

9. Have you ever done business with this party? Are you merchants or nonmerchants?

10. Deadlines and time frames?

11. Is this contract for a good or a service? What happens if the goods are damaged?

12. How are disputes resovled?

13. Jurisdiction in case of dispute

14. Is this an online contract? If yes, what is the impact of it?

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