256 PART ORGANIZING CASE:POLYVORE REINVENTS MORE THAN E-COMMERCE Imagine your closet, full of this season’s latest trends and have purchased foosball tables; others have bow accessories. Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to open its doors scotch-tasting parties. Applying this unique tale and have unlimited access to inspiration, creativity, and bonuses was another way Lee cultivated Polyyoe endless ideas at your very fingertips without it costing a penny? In 2007, Polyvore Inc. made this a reality, or rather dynamic organizational culture. Polyvore cares. The company cares about its user com a virtual reality. Polyvore’s website acts as a gateway for munity and employees. A chemistry has been dovel. users to explore and discover the latest in categories of fashion, beauty and home décor oped that excites employees to be passiosate abog what they do, always foxcusing on ways to enhance oser experience. Besides creating a social e-commerce web Polyvore has three organizational values: do a few things well, delight the user, and make an impact. The site for users to express themselves, the company is alho company’s success in all three facets has made Polyvore,leaving many with the thought, “How can I work at with its 20 million monthly visitors, a hot commodity. Polyvore?” Users have the option to browse or create looks, also Case Cuestions known as sets, without having the pressure to purcha anything. However, all items on Polyvore are directly 1.What do Polyvore’s teams say about the company? 2 Describse the status that exists at Polyvore. directly linked to the designer’s website for easy purchasing i the user so chooses. To generate engagementwithin the Polyvore commanity, the company hosts set-creation 3. What type of rewards can Polyvore employees cae contests that can land users an all-expenses-paid inter national fashion internship or even a trip to Polyvore’s office to design and furnish a new breakroom. User activity on Polyvore has made its website the second largest driver of e-commerc What is the value of teamwork in an organization? ls it increasing or decreasing? Explain. Is Polyvore a part of the pioneer companies taking a nontraditional route for shaping organizational cul. e traffic in 2014, trailing What are your predictions for the future? only Facebook Undoubtedly, there is a community vibe that permteany you would like to wock for through Polyvore, both online and at its Mountain View California, headquarters. Inside the cubicle-free, open lay Cumulative Case Questions out of Polyvore, employees are constantly encouraged to 7. Describe the type of team at Polyvore. (Chapter 7) is a community vibe that permeates Explain. in teams. The open layout. How does Polyvore beainstorm? (Chapeer 4) allows for a continuous flow of communication among team members, resulting in an elevated quality of work 9. Using concepes from Chapter 1, how do vou view less At its Mountain View headquarters, love letters from usersLee and her management style? Explain. (Chapter 1) adorn a wall, serving as a constant reminder of the compa10 Is Polyvore a hierarchical company? (Chapter I) ny’s purpose. Employee benefits such as board game nights, parties, Case References build team spirit. Besides 1. Polyvore website, htp:www.polyvore.com/gifabost, having daily catered lunches, employees can take “poly accessed breaks”-a unique take on the typical beeak to encour- age employee socialization. During a typical poly-break,-‘ staff members can simply get a cup or some- 2. Polyvoce website, team, accessed June 17, 2015, of coffee or ome 3, K. Winick, “The Woman Who Works at ehe Bigar thing more relaxing like a manicure. Employees are encouraged to meet colleagues who are outside of their in the Woeld,” Elle (June 20, 2014), hrtp//www.elle.com culture/career-politics/interviews/a14637/polyvore-ceo team. Polyvore’s CEO and cofounder Jess Lee states that this is “essential” to the camaraderie of the office. jss-ke-interview, accessed June 17, 2015 4 CTaylog, lside Jobe What le’s Like to he Polybreaks are encouraged for all employees, so it is not uncommon to see the CEO on a polybreak with an Director at Polyvore.” TachCnmch June 9, 2014), hmpl techcrunch.com/2014060vinside-jobs-what-its-like-co be the commonity directorat- polyvorel, accesed June 17 2015. At Polyvore, Lee learned that companies are all about people, which is why its organizational culture is fully S. Waick, The Woman Wibo Works at the Biggest Closet in able, and intelligent. Employees are compensated for the World their hard work by receiving $500 bonuses not to spend 6. Winick, “The Woman Who Works at the B on themselves, but rather to spend on colleagues. Some the Woeld transparent. Polyvore employees are fast kearning, adapt

Ans 1 – Polyvore’s teams believe that the company cares for its employees. Polyvore has created an environment where employees are happy and excited to work. they are motivated as they are compensated well for their hard work. They are motivated thorugh bonuses to enhance user experience. Polyvore has a unique way of socializing its employees which has created a dynamic organizational culture. As a result of which employees stick to the company and many people look forward to find out how they can work for Polyvore.

Ans 2 – At Polyvore, a community vibe permeates. There are no cubilces and employees sit in open layout to get maximum bonding. They are encouraged to work together in teams and collaborate. Employees are encouraged to meet people outside their teams. In short, the status at Polyvore is that of bonding and camaraderie where while top management make decisions, all employees collaborate to get things done and bond besides work.

Ans 3 – At Polyvore, employee benefits range from board game nights, parties, company olympics, daily catered lunches and coffee breaks. Apart from these there are multiple rewards that employees can earn. They get 500$ bonus but that should be spent on other employees. This increases camaraderie. So all thos who earn bonus they may buy stuff, gifts or may create experiences for co-workers like some have bought foosball tables and hosted scotch tasting parties. Such acts creates camaraderie and generate assets for all employees.

Ans 4 – AN organziation’s strength is its people. As long as people are happy they deliver and hence, organization’s value increases. At POlyvore, it can be seen that employees are encouraged to bond, collaborate and work as a team. In fact their bonuses are crafted in a manner that it is spent on entire team. Individual is encouraged to share its reward with its team. This increases bonhomie and hence help build a bond. As a result of which the atmosphere in general is good and employees are efficient. They are motivated and with high spirits produce most effective results.

Ans 5 – Polyvore is certainly championing the art of shaping organizational culture through an unconventional route. It encourages its teams to collaborate through “poly-breaks” where employees are encouraged to meet other team memebrs over a cup of coffee. It encourages open-layout culture so that there is no hierarchy and everyone is reachable even CEO. Its reward system is designed to increase teamwork and camaraderie.

Predictions for future: Polyvore is carving out a new way of motivating employees to collaborate. Its policy of not spending your bonuses on yourself but others actually helps employees think about team and create an experience for team memebers. This supports the ideology that individual success is a culmination of efforts put by entire team. So, if one person is recognized, there shoudl be a culture to thank the entire community.

Ans 6 – Certainly. Polyvore provides an encouraging environment. It gives a challenging work to prove your mettle and at the same time it promotes camaraderie and tema work that makes employees look forward to come to office and meet others. The employee benefits are greta and compensation is amazing. Work environment is promising and keeps employees excited and motivated to enhance customer experience. There is no heirarchy and open layout philosophy ensures everyone is equal.


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