3. A soldier was drinking at a training seminar. Although he was told to leave his car at the seminar, he disobeyed orders and drove to a military club. On the way to the club, he was involved in an accident. Is the military liable for the damage he caused?

No, military is not liable for the accident. there are few reasons :

1. he peson who host the event or offer the drinks is liable under the ” social host liability law” , if only such law considered in a country. but in this case there was a training session going on, in which soldiers are prohobited to drink.

2.a soldier himself was at fault since , he broke all the rules of training session and even disobeying the oders given by military.

3. A soldiers was warned and asked to leave the car , but he did not follow the instructions and drove the car.

4. A soldiers also broke the universal law which indicates the public warning and caution of prohibiting the driving when drunk.

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