3. Jesse worked as a buyer for the Vegetable Co. Rachel offered to sell Jesse 10 tons of tomatoes for the account of Vegetable. Jesse accepted the offer. Later, Jesse discovered that Rachel was an agent for Sylvester Co. Who is liable on this contract? 4. The Pharmaceutical Association holds an annual convention. At the conventic n, Brittany, who was president of the association, told Luke that Research Corp. had a promising new cancer vaccine. Research’s headquarters. On the way, the plane crashed and Luke was killed. Is the Pharmaceutical Association liable for Luke’s death? Luke was so excited that he chartered a plane to fly to

3. Jesse worked as the buyer for the vegetable Co. If any person offers the Jesse that sell any amount from the company end then he has to first enquire about the person. The enquiry about the seller is necessary before accepting the offer with any seller. The acceptance would be done after enquiry of all the relevant information. Here the seller has the responsibility that convey the detailed and correct information to the buyer. The Seller hided the information about his company. The Asymmetric information has been conveyed to Jesse. The Rachel is liable in this contract more than Jesse as he hides the correct information with the fellow contractor person.

4. The pharmaceutical Association holds the annual convocation. During the convocation the president of the company Brittany told to the Luke about the Research corp. This Corp. had promising new cancer vaccines. The Luke himself chartered the plan and go to the research headquarter. It was the natural calamity that the plane was crashed. The pharmaceutical Association is no where liable for the death of the Luke. It is the Luke decision to go to that place. The Association was the only medium for the information exchange but not compel the Luke to go there and do this. It was as per the choice of the Luke.

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