5. Define Competitive Advantage and provide a current business example Explain the concept of structured, semi-structured and structured decision making. Also identify their relationship to MIS system in the organization. 6. 7. Explain the threat of phishing and pharming

Competitive advantage refers to the competencies hold by the one company that is not possessed by other firms in that business segment. It is the competency that creates unique positioning of the products among the target audience. For example, the Apple play store of the Apple Inc. acts as a competitive advantage as it is only with the Apple Company and create a non-rivalled market. Besides, the design and technology patents held by one company such as Apple also create a competitive advantage in the market. The everyday low price strategy used as the price advantage by Walmart I also considered as a competitive advantage.

The decision making takes place at the different level of management. At the top level, it is unstructured decision, at the middle level of management, it is semi-structured and at the lower level of management it is structured decision. Further, the unstructured decisions deals with the ideas and are unregulated, the semi-structured decisions work upon the ideas and give a shape that is used to take structured decisions with clear paths and scope of work. MIS system helps these management level to provide important inputs, data and information. It helps the management to take informed decisions. So, MIS improves the accuracy and success rate of these decisions.

Phishing involves theft of personal information via web-links to the lookalike websites using emails. It creates a threat of not only the misuse of information, but also to steal the money from the accounts. The illegitimate transaction using the credit card data stolen through phishing is the example of the threat.
Threat of farming involves hacking of the website and diversion of the traffic of the website to the suspicious web address. So, traffic to the websites will fall quickly as a threat of farming.

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