7-3 Final Project Part II: Product Marketing Recommendations














MKT 113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two

Winter Coats for the Dogs

Lashinia Payne

Southern New Hampshire University



Winter Coats for Dogs

The target market analysis was conducted on the new product that the pet supply company is selling. The pet supply company is the company which deals with the supply of the home pets like dogs and cats among other pets. The new product that the company is launching is the winter warm jacket (winter coats) that is wind proof and waterproof for the dogs. The main function of the jacket is to prevent the dog from cold and water as the jacket is in type of a coat which is waterproof and cold proof. From the inside, the coat is made of cotton to provide the warmth during winter.

The winter dogs clothes that is to be launched is targeted to the customers that are having dogs as their pets (Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. 2015). This is because the dogs’ pets’ customers are majority customers in the pet supply company. The target market demographic for the winter coats are mostly the teenage children who are going to school. Besides, another demographic target adults who are single and have enough income to take care of the pets together with the well of families that love pets. The customers have a good sustainable income that enable them to cater for the dog’s needs. Besides, the income enables them to purchase the winter coats. Also, the person owning the pet are interested in them and have the same value of the pets as to humans because they give the company and comforts them. The target group have a good personality and a lifestyle for the pets that is, the customers are strongly identified with the dogs and takes them as part of the family hence treating them like people but treats them in a distinct way. The dogs’ customers have set a specific place in the house where the dog will stay when they are not pampering them together with their own beddings at a specific location.

The target market which is the dogs’ pet customers will fully want the winter coat due to the extreme low temperatures during the winter seasons. Because the dogs are part of the family and mostly they are treated better than the family members, they purchase will the coats for their pets for health and easy movement purposes. The winter coats will enable them to walk with the pets during the winter season as they will be well protecting them from the cold and water. Hence life will remain usual as in summer (Boya, U. O. et al. 2015). The warmth that the coat provides will protect the dog pet in this season hence the owner will have the reduced expense of talking the dog to the medication as a result of cold. This is the best protection mechanism for the dogs’ customer during winter to keep their pets’ healthy.

In conclusion, the pet supply company’s new product – winter coats for the dogs are very impressive to the dog pets’ customers. This is because the coat is warm in addition to the waterproof mechanism that it has. The new product is of value to the customers as it will enable them to maintain the health status of the pets even during the winter season as they do to other family members. Because the pets (dogs) they are valued like the other family members, the god coats will increase the love and care that they have for them.






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