#775822 Topic: Sexual abuse under slavery

#775822 Topic: Sexual abuse under slavery Number of Pages: 6 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 6 Writing Style: MLA Type of document: Essay Category: History Order Instructions: The purpose of the review essay is to interpret how various scholars have approached a particular topic in the history of sexuality. Scholarly work is not just facts but rather interpretation of facts, and so, scholars may disagree about the meaning of particular conditions, ideas, or events of the past. These disagreements, however, help us to see a topic from all sides, and to decide what is of most interest. They also expose the context of the times when the historian was writing. Classtime will be set aside to consult with the instructor about this review essay. The review essay with a maximum length of eight double-spaced typed pages will be based upon secondary resources, and it will take into consideration the comments, critique, and additional information suggested by the instructor in the assessment of the annotated bibliography. The essay will be succinct with a clearly presented argument. It will be proofread before submission. The opening paragraph conveys both your topic and intentions to the reader. The main body of the paper is where you develop your thesis and argument in as many paragraphs as you need. Please cite all sources, using either footnotes/endnotes (or MLA if you requested it). Please remember all information should be cited, not just the quotations used in the essay. Please avoid using too many quotations, particularly lengthy block quotations, as this can often disrupt the flow of an essay. The conclusion is as important as the introduction, as it brings together all the observations made in the paper, and returns to the main points of your introduction. YOU MUST USE THIS REFERENCES AND ADD THREE MORE ACADEMIC JOURNALS AND NOT SCHOLARLY PEER-REVIEWED; Elder, R. (2012). A Twice Sacred Circle: Women, Evangelicalism, and Honor in the Deep South, 1784-1860. The Journal of Southern History, 78(3), 579-614. Foster, T. (2011). The sexual abuse of black men under American slavery. Journal of the History of Sexuality, 20(3), 445-464. Wriggins, J. (1983). Rape, racism and the law. Harv. Women’s LJ, 6, 103. ( did Wringgin talk about sexual abuse against slavery the same way foster did. use this journal to examine early writing on slavery sexual abuse Please find three more academic journals and not scholarly peer-reviewed

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