(a) Describe the proposed solution (or intervention) for the problem and the way(s) in which it is consistent with current evidence

IMPORTANT. INSTRUCTOR FEEDBACK BELOW: Below each criterion I have explained what is needed, and I have explained what you have handed in. 1. (a) Describe the proposed solution (or intervention) for the problem and the way(s) in which it is consistent with current evidence. Heavily reference and provide substantial evidence for your solution or intervention. What is needed: You need to introduce the proposed intervention here. In the case of your project, the proposed intervention is hands only CPR. What you have handed in: What you handed in was a description of cardiac arrest and how it damages internal organs and leads to death. (b) Consider if the intervention may be unrealistic in your setting, too costly, or there is a lack of appropriate training available to deliver the intervention. If the intervention is unrealistic, you may need to go back and make changes to your PICOT before continuing. What is needed: A discussion of whether your intervention (training for hand only CPR) is realistic in your setting. By the way, what is your setting? A specific school? A specific community? A specific retirement community? What you have handed in: An explanation that most people are unaware of what to do when cardiac arrest happens. 2. Organization Culture: Explain the way(s) in which the proposed solution is consistent with the organization or community culture and resources. What is needed: Here you need to explain how your proposed intervention (hands only CPR) will blend with the resources and culture of your setting. Remember, you still need to identify the setting of your project. What you have handed in: I can’t tell what organization you are talking about. If you are talking about a hospital, then hands only CPR would never be appropriate – would actually be unethical and illegal. 3. Expected Outcomes: Explain the expected outcomes of the project. The outcomes should flow from the PICOT. What is needed: You need to describe what you expect to happen from your project. Do you expect non-clinical bystanders to feel more comfortable with the thought of assisting cardiac arrest? Do you expect first responders (ambulance drivers) to get more of the cardiac arrest victims to the hospital still alive? What you have handed in: This is the section of your paper that is the most in line with the assignment instructions. Nice job. Is your setting a community? If so, which community is this? Phoenix AZ? A different community? A few things to bear in mind: The hands only CPR is not appropriate for anyone in the community; it is only appropriate for those without applicable medical training. For example, if a paramedic were to arrive to the scene and perform hands only CPR that would be unethical and would constitute malpractice. The idea is that it is better for an unskilled person to give good chest compressions then nothing at all (which usually happens when an unskilled person tries to do both). 4. Method to Achieve Outcomes: Develop an outline of how the outcomes will be achieved. List any specific barriers that will need to be assessed and eliminated. Make sure to mention any assumptions or limitations which may need to be addressed. What is needed: Here you need to give a general overview of how the main goals of your project will be achieved. You need to address any likely barriers to these goals, and solutions for overcoming these barriers. What you have handed in: I am unsure. Age, gender and secure phone lines to heath centers are not related in ways that I can see at this point. Perhaps you had more in mind. 5. Outcome Impact: Describe the impact the outcomes will have on one or all of the following indicators: quality care improvement, patient-centered quality care, efficiency of processes, environmental changes, and/or professional expertise. What is needed: Here you need to describe the impact upon the community. What you have handed in: What is written here is unrelated to hands only CPR. Quality of care delivery by licensed professionals is not the focus of your project here as you are focusing on cardiac arrest in the field. You have mentioned new technologies in heath centers, yet hands only CPR is unrelated to this. You have mentioned professional expertise being sharpened, though your project is not aimed at improving the expertise of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, your project is aimed at untrained citizens in the community. Also, you mention that your project will ensure that every single life gets saved. Unfortunately, this is in no way a realistic expectation of citizens in the community, or the best cardiac surgeon for that matter.

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