a difficult conversation

Papers must be carefully and thoughtfully prepared, with your ideas articulated in a logical format based on an outline you develop before you begin to write. An opening paragraph should set the stage succinctly for the material to follow, serving as a brief introduction to the substance of the paper. The paper should end with a concluding, summarizing sentence or two.

After you have Read Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, use his ideas to write a description and analysis of a “difficult conversation” you had in the past – or a difficult conversation you would like to have in the future with someone at your job, or former job, with whom you have had a challenging work interaction.It could be, for example, a situation with your supervisor, the executive leadership at your agency, someone you supervise, a government official, a co-worker, etc.

This paper requires you to choose a thorny conversation you once had with someone at work and how you could use Stone’s techniques if you had it to do over again. OR, describe a thorny situation in which you AVOIDED the “difficult” conversation and how you could imagine addressing the other person using Stone’s techniques.Be specific about what “Stone techniques” outlined in the book you could have used in the past.For a future conversation, be specific about what you imagine yourself saying (and what you would NOT say even if you were thinking it) and how you think the person might react to this approach.YOU MUST use the concepts and techniques outlined in Stone’s book.If you do not do so, the paper will be returned to you to re-write as required.

The paper should be a minimum of 5 double-spaced pages utilizing 12 point font, and saved as a Word document.It can be slightly longer if necessary, as long as you genuinely have something more to say that was not in the earlier paragraphs.Be sure to plan the outline of the paper before you begin writing and check to ensure correct grammar and spelling before you hand it in. Papers must follow a logical outline, address the questions and instructions in the assignment, and have correct grammar and spelling.

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