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we decided we would market this drink to women and focus on after work out benefits. add ingredients that help relax (chamomile) and something that also helps rehydrate the skin because women love great skin. The other ingredient we talked about was something that continued to help burn calories. 
After thinking about it though I feel like burning calories after working out may contradict our chamomile portion because we are trying to relax after. I’m thinking on this one still. After researching chamomile, it’s known to calm anxiety, upset stomach, and also skin irritation which is perfect for our product. 
Some other thoughts regarding ingredients for hydrating the skin are green tea and pomegranate. 
2.1 Mission 
2.2 Product or service description – Moji
2.3 Value proposition – 
2.4 SWOT – 
2.5 Critical Issues – Moji
4.1 Marketing Objectives 
4.2 Financial Objectives 
so please make sure u cover that the fact that our target are women and our product is a sport drink that will include burn calories, rehydrate skin and 
relax (chamomile)” after work out”.
We also need to create a partnership with Nike another company for production. Nike doesn’t own any bottling factories and build.
 we are using Perrier is a product of Nestle Waters, for 
bottled water company
my portion are the highlighted portion

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