A small but fast-growing company has called you in as a consultant to help with their IT infrastructure. When they first started, they put their business data in the cloud and changed their business processes to fit their SaaS. Now, they want to know if they should customize their SaaS to fit their business processes, or keep changing their business processes to fit their SaaS. o Propose a set of 3-5 initial questions you would ask them to help you prepare your recommendation. Be sure to explain why you are asking each question.

Below are the questions that need to be asked for the firm to assist their transformation of system infrastructure –

1. Are there any workarounds in standard functionality that could manage the business processes?

2. What is the volume of custom objects to assist the business processes that are difficult to get configured through standard configurations?

3. How complex are the customizations required?

4. Is there a dedicated IT team to support for any issues after the implementation of the custom solutions?

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