abc retailers internal controls please look at the attachment


1. According to PCAOB Auditing Standard (AS 2201) (, what factors should auditors consider when evaluating the severity of a deficiency in a control that directly addresses a risk of material misstatement?

2. PCAOB AS 2201 distinguishes the difference between a deficiency in design and a deficiency in operation. Does the Assistant Controller’s failure to adequately review the Vendor Change Form represent a deficiency in the design or operating effectiveness of the control?

3. Based on guidance in AS 2201, determine if the failure in the vendor request change form control indicative of a material weakness in internal control over financial reporting.

4. SEC Regulation S-K requires that management provide a report on a registrant’s ICFR in the company’s Form 10-K. Assuming the company and the auditor concluded that this internal control failure indicates a material weakness in internal control, what information would the company be expected to disclose?

5. In light of the identified deficiency, auditors should consider a possibility that the deficiency may have an impact on other controls, and/or the similar problem may exist in other controls. What implications does the failure to adequately review the Vendor Change Form have on other controls?

The list above does not present a complete list of issues related to the topic. You may additionally discuss other issues relevant to the audit process of internal control in your paper.


Length of the paper: minimum 2000 words (no more than 2500) (on double-spaced pages) PLUS a list of references (make sure you follow an appropriate introduction, conclusion and reference format).

Follow APA formatting guidelines: The guidelines are described at…

Margins: 1” (Left justification ONLY).

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Headings and Subheadings: Use them as appropriate.

Do not forget Page Numbers.

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