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NU-643-05-23PCSP Adv.Psychopharmacology

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Week 10 Discussion 1: Harold or Greg ADHD Case Study

To do: Make forum posts: 1

Value: 100 points

Due: Create your initial post by Day 4, and reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

Grading Category: Discussion Forums

Initial Post

  1. You will need to use the following log-in information to access these videos (all case sensitive):
  2. To access the site, choose the login button from the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the login criteria.
  4. View the following case study videos and select one for your discussion post by clicking on its link. (You must be logged in to access the video links):
  5. Answer the following questions and post your discussion to this discussion forum:
  6. Your initial post should be in APA format with evidence-based references to support your statements. 
  7. 1, what symptoms of ADHD does your patient present with
  8. 2, what are the other possible symptoms causes?
  9. 3, what further information, if any, would you like to reveal about this
  10. 4, what the assumption that the patient does have ADHD, what medicationwould you prescribe(list name and dose) why
  11. 5, list any relevant safety informational screening(eg, labs) related to your medication choice
  12. 6, your initial post should be APA format with evidence-based reference to support your statement
  15. This is the case study

Greg Case Study Video Transcript

Off Camera: Hi, nice to meet you.

Greg: Hi, uh, doc.

Off Camera: How can I help you today?

Greg: Well I need some Dexedrine for my ADHD.

Off Camera: Uh-huh, have you been prescribed Dexedrine in the past?

Greg: Since I was little, but I’ve been off it for a while. I need to get back to it.

Off Camera: What kind of difficulties are you having?

Greg: Uh, poor concentration, poor focusing, getting distracted, forgetting things, I’ve been feeling hyper all the time. I just, I can’t sit still. But when I was on Dexedrine, it worked great though.

Off Camera: Are all of these difficulties you had previously?

Greg: Since I was five or six. I was always out of control, driving my parents up the wall.

Off Camera: Mm-hmm, how did the medications help?

Greg: Well, it controlled it all. Um, all the symptoms vanished.

Off Camera: Did you have any side effects?

Greg: No, no, no side effects.

Off Camera: Such as decrease in your appetite?

Greg: No, I don’t think so.

Off Camera: Uh-huh, trouble going to sleep?

Greg: No, I sleep well. Yeah, sleep’s good.

Off Camera: I mean, um, sleep difficulties when you took medications for ADHD.

Greg: Oh no, no, I slept good, too.

Off Camera: Mm-hmm, what age did you start the medications?

Greg: Five or six.

Off Camera: So you were very young.

Greg: I don’t know, I don’t know what age children normally start. Is five or six young?

Off Camera: Uh-huh, fairly young. But children that age sometimes are started on medications. And did you try any other ADHD medications, other than the Dexedrine?

Greg: No, no, Dexedrine worked really good, so I just, I stuck with that.

Off Camera: And when did you stop taking it?

(patient exhales)

Greg: About a year ago, yeah a year.

Off Camera: What did you notice after you stopped taking the medication?

Greg: Well all my symptoms just, they came right back.

Off Camera: Did that impact your studies here at the university?

Greg: A lot, actually.

Off Camera: How are your grades?

Greg: They’re terrible. Um, I’m getting B’s and C’s, and I really need to be getting A’s, at the very least B’s.

Off Camera: What made you decide to come in at this very moment in time to restart the medication?

Greg: I’m just, I’m struggling. And um, I wanna get back on track. I’m tired of not doing well.

Off Camera: Do you have any friends taking ADHD medications?

Greg: I mean, half the campus is on some kind of medication. I don’t know if that’sgood, or if it’s bad, but I don’t know, I just know it works for me.

Off Camera: Would we be able to get you to sign a release so we can get your old medical records?

Greg: I have to ask my parents, um, cuz I think the doctor I actually used to go to died, or moved.

Off Camera: Uh-huh, what was your doctor’s name?

Greg: The doctor who prescribed the Dexedrine?

Off Camera: Yeah, uh-huh.

Greg: He wasn’t like my family physician. He was a child specialist, like a shrink that my mom brought in. I’d have to ask my mom.

Off Camera: Uh, could you do that? Uh, ask your mother and then sign a release so we can get your records? It’d be really helpful.

Greg: My mother and I aren’t really seeing eye-to-eye on anything right now.

Off Camera: Oh.

Greg: So if I could not have to involve her, I’d rather do that.

Off Camera: Uh-huh, well do you remember the name of the clinic? Then we could maybe track your records that way.

Greg: This is exactly what I need Dexedrine for! I can’t remember shit. I’m, sorry, is there any way that I could maybe do like a trial of Dexedrine? That way you could see if I have any symptoms. I know I’m not going to, but you know, for your sake. Um, I would know, you would know, you know, could we do something along those lines?

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