Advance care nursing

Please follow the Australian reference system …
and make sure to be aware of the nursing standard practice followed in Australia..

An example paper will be attached to the account.


This assessment task prepares you to access a patient in your care and identify those at risk. Select an ‘at risk’ patient for analysis and write a brief summary of the patient’s relevant health problems and any management provided.
Critically analyse one health problem using evidence based findings relating this to the ‘at risk’ status of the patient. Consider any system failures that may have contributed to the presenting problem and the relationship to communication pathways. The cases you read and discussed in MyLO are examples of an “at risk” patient. Your discussion should include the complexities of health care decision making and its relationship to inter-professional communication pathways.
You must clearly demonstrate the related pathophysiology and management that contributed to the patient’s condition. Laboratory findings should be included if relevant to the case. Expand and justify management by identifying and discussing key nursing and medical interventions, including clinical assessment, physiological monitoring, supportive therapies and evaluation of the care provided. Justify and critique the relevant nursing interventions by drawing on recent, evidence-based literature and propose recommendations for future practice if indicated. The paper should include a minimum of 10 scholarly references to support your discussion points.
Maintain patient confidentiality by assigning the person a pseudonym and abide by your organisations ethics policy on using patient information. You should also maintain organisational anonymity.
There will be an example paper in MyLO for you to read. Please note this is an example only and assessment requirements have been altered. Use it as a guide of where you need to aim to receive an HD. Please read the marking criteria carefully to ensure you are meeting all elements.

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