Advantages of outsourcing project work

Week 5 Quiz PME

1 Advantages of outsourcing project work may likely include all of the following EXCEPT

    Reduced costs.
    Increased flexibility.
    Reduced conflict.
    Shortened project duration.
    Higher level of expertise.

2 During which stage of team development is the team fully functional and accomplishing project goals?


3 One difference between project management and project leadership is that project management includes

    Recognizing the need to alter direction.
    Motivating people to meet new objectives.
    Monitoring results against plans.
    Aligning people to meet new directions.
    Deviating from the plan.

4 Project managers play a key role in developing high-performance project teams. Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to this role?

    Manage conflict
    Conduct project meetings
    Recruit team members
    Report progress to top management
    Manage a reward system

5 Project success or failure often is reliant upon the contributions of all of the following groups of stakeholders EXCEPT

    Top management.

6 Roger is new-product project manager for a retail company. Recently the team has exhibited a high degree of conflict over who will control the group and how decisions will be made. Which stage of development is the team in?


7 Successful firms are very careful in selecting the work to be outsourced. If expectations and requirements are fuzzy or open to debate, working together can become very difficult. The following are ways to clarify requirements and procedures EXCEPT

    Make sure communication is well structured and interactions are managed to avoid confusion.
    Make sure that different firms’ project management systems are integrated.
    Establish who has access to certain information through robust safeguards.
    Document your requirements.
    Contract only work with clearly defined deliverables with measurable outcomes.

8 Symptoms of groupthink include

    Encouraged functional conflict.
    Negative stereotypes of outsiders.
    Optimized critical thinking.
    Failed projects.
    Positive synergy.

9 The biggest challenge to managing a virtual project team is

    Getting reports and technical information communicated.
    Being able to contact team members immediately when there is a problem.
    Enforcing deadlines.
    Dealing with team members in different time zones.
    Developing trust and establishing effective patterns of communication.

10 The closest relationships in a project network of relationships are between the project manager and

    Project sponsors.
    Top management.
    Project team members.
    Other project managers.

11 The essential qualities of an effective vision include all of the following EXCEPT

    There should be a passion for the vision.
    The vision should be a source of inspiration to others.
    The vision has to make strategic sense.
    All team members have the same vision.
    The vision should be communicated to all

12 The first step in facilitating group decision making is to

    Generate alternatives.
    Agree that there is a problem.
    Quantify the problem.
    Identify the problem.
    Call a meeting to discuss the problem.

13 The project manager must quickly establish operational ground rules for how the team will work together. These include planning, tracking, managing change, and relationship decisions. Which of the following is an example of a planning decision?

    How will changes be documented and evaluated?
    Who will generate and distribute reports?
    How will progress be assessed?
    What are the specific roles and responsibilities of all the participants?
    What departments will the team need to interact with during the project?

14 The transferring of business functions or processes to other companies has traditionally been known as

    Joint venture.

15 There are two important factors that affect the recruitment of project members. Which of the following is one of those factors?

    The management structure being used to complete the project
    The size of the project
    Organizational culture
    The level of innovation and technical expertise needed
    The budget available

16 When managing stakeholders, a project manager should

    Understand how different stakeholders can affect the project and manage that dependency.
    Manage and limit time negotiating with stakeholders outside of the organization.
    Develop a hands-on approach.
    Focus on the project team and their needs.
    Refuse to be pulled by the demands of people who are not directly involved in the project.

17 When negotiating, the tendency is to want to win! Why is this not a good approach when managing contracted relationships?

    A noncompetitive approach can bring about functional conflict.
    Because people have to continue to work together after negotiations.
    This approach inhibits the degree of trust and cooperation needed for the alliance to work.
    This approach can cause dysfunctional conflict to rise and negotiations to break down.
    All of these are reasons a competitive approach to negotiation should not be used when managing contracted relationships.

18 When project managers impose a solution to dysfunctional conflict after listening to each party, they are ________ the conflict.


19 Which group of stakeholders defines the scope of the project and ultimately determines whether or not the project is successful?

    Project team
    Top management
    Project managers
    Project sponsors

20 Which of the following is commonly associated with high-performing project teams?

    Mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning.
    Roles and specific responsibilities are well-defined.
    Risk taking is controlled and not allowed to jeopardize the overall project.
    Team members are selected with similar talents to enhance cohesion.
    A degree of competition among team members is encouraged.
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