All the following are reasons for building an information system, but in general, the primary purpose why information systems are built is to: Select one: a. gather competitive knowledge b. link up with business partners. c. contribute to corporate value. d. comply with government regulations. e. manage employees 2. can technology be used to provide a competitive advantage? Use the SEEI framework for your answer and provide specific examples.

The correct option is contribute to corporate value.

This is not only a reason there are other reasons as well but the primary reason of information system is to contribute to the corporate values. This is the extent to which the system will lead for better decision making, management and efficient business operations etc.

2 The answer is big Yes. Technology is used to gain competitive edge over the competitors. Because of the use of the better technology the operations gets improved, costs are reduced, efficiency is increased. Hence the company gets lower selling price as well as higher margins and better production.

Technology bridges the gap between the technical people and business people. Technology solves many business problems. For an example Amazon uses robots in their warehouses. This reduces the human error. This technology has increased Amazon delivery process and they are able to deliver the product faster. Because Amazon does not have to pay salary top the robots the cost is saved and profitability has been increased.

Technology also identifies the problems and gives the solution for same.

There are many technological tolls available that increases the communication efficiency of the company.

So technology gives the competitive edge.

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