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Analyze the Ideas in this narrative film, “Path to Freedom”:… (Links to an external site.)
Here is more info about Maull: (Links to an external site.)

1) Brainstorm: As you watch this short video, make notes of your biases and assumptions as they arise. Watch your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
2) Make notes of the ideas that are raised in the film.
3) Sort through your reactions and prepare to write about the experience.
4) Follow the prompt below. ,

Essay Prompt: In the video, we learn from Fleet Maull who works with prison inmates about causes of violence in society. What does Maull appeal to in these men to help them to transform? Based on what you learn in this video, what do you think needs to change in people and society so we can lessen or prevent violence? Analyze and develop your paper with clear, reasonable, valid examples.

1) You need to critically think about what you are watching. Do not just write your feelings or what you think will work. You have to give evidence that your SUGGESTION are workable and WHY.

2) Reflect on what is Maull’s approach and why it is effective or not. Will change be short term or long term? Can some or all prisoners be rehabilitated? PROVIDE evidence and reasoning for your POV.

3) You really have to think about these questions. Do not just rush in as the topic is challenging and you are asked to step out of limited thinking.

Length: About 675-750 words. Write a good title for your paper. WRITE in 3rd person without using “In my opinion..” or ” I think..” or “Personally, I think..”


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