analytical research paper apa format

Please choose one of the following topics for your Analytical (Literature Review) Research Paper
1. Measles

2. Hepatitis B

3. Small Pox

4. Influenza

5. Coronavirus

The paper should be at least 5 pages in length using APA formatting standards and should include a title page, abstract,reference page and with 5 pages of text responding to the following:

Introduction to Epidemiology

Rubric: Analytical (Literature Review) Research Paper

Name: ______________________

Total points – 200 Student score ________________

Did the student answer the following questions?

Paper sections should be titled as follows:


a.Introduce the infectious disease

b.Create an epidemiological profile via the use of prevalence and incidence rates for the infectious disease.

c.Identify the geographical location of prevalence for the infectious disease.

d.Define the infectious disease chosen as a topic.

B. Literature Review

a.Infectious disease

i.Why are people concerned about this infectious disease?

ii.How harmful is the infectious disease?

iii.What measures are used to control this infectious disease?

b.Vaccination Concerns

i.Why are people concerned about this particular vaccination for this infectious disease?

ii.Identify at least 3 peer-reviewed articles that support empirical evidence for these concerns.

c.Vaccination Benefits

i.Why are people concerned about individuals not receiving the vaccination?

ii.Identify at least 3 peer-reviewed articles that support empirical evidence for these benefits.

C.Conclusion and Discussion

a.Provide a conclusive report on your findings by discussion logical concerns and solutions and state your position.

1. Quality of Content: 50 points

The student provided sufficient information and material; done so in such a way as to demonstrate an increased knowledge of Epidemiology.

2. Quality of Written: 50 points

The student’s work demonstrated correct format (research paper), grammar, punctuation, word usage and page count (7 pages), use of correct title page, citation, references, and format (APA) with no plagiarism.

3. Evidence of Appropriate Research: 50 points

The research paper covered the assignment completely and reflects an adequate amount (5 to 10 references) of dedicated research work from reliable sources.

4. Evidence of Application of Class Material: 50 points

The student demonstrated an understanding of the material discussed in class and/or text and include such evidence in assignments/case studies required for this class.

5. Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________________

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