analyze an example of persuasion in society

Time New Roman 12 Font, Double Spaced APA Format, include a few sources.

This assignment asks you to analyze an example of persuasion in society. Choose an advertising campaign, political campaign, speech transcript, social movement, or advocacy campaign around which to craft a 5-6 page critical analysis. The goal of this assignment is to provide analysis, critical evaluation, and insight about how persuasion functions in your particular example. Here are some questions to help guide your analysis:

What is the overall message of this persuasive example?

What persuasive strategies and appeals are being used?

Who is this message’s intended audience?

To what extent is this an “effective” message? How do you know?

What are the implications of this persuasive message?

Is this persuasive message ethical?

What, if anything, does this message tell us about who we are as a society, how people think/behave, or the role of persuasive communication in human relationships?

Your essays should be thesis-driven, well-written and well-organized, incorporating class material and readings for support, as well as your own original arguments concerning your chosen example of persuasion. Essays are due on March 16th, and should be uploaded to moodle before the beginning of class.

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