Anatomical defect

Description Choose an anatomical defect. Introduction should briefly introduce topic & discuss why you chose it. Describe normal anatomy and then describe the anatomical defect. Describe how the defect changes the function of the body. Describe treatment and outcome with/without treatment. Paper may be illustrated with photos, diagrams, etc., but cite references for them appropriately. 1000-1250 words… Double-spaced Include a Title page….ok to put a picture on the Title page but cite reference if appropriate….should have Title, Your Name, Class info & Date. References for information & illustrations should be cited in the paper & a Bibliography at the end of the paper Bibliography should be in MLA format with a minimum of three sources, not Wikipedia. Course Resources Grading: Word count – 10 points Title page – 5 points Bibliography – 5 points Appropriate references cited within paper/illustrations – 5 points Spelling & Grammar – 5 points Content – 20 points For example elephantiasis, valve stenusis, asd, vsd, neural tube defect, omphalocele, gastroschisis, anal atresia, ankylosing spondylitis, clubfoot, spinabifida, pyloric stenosis, spinal stenosis

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