animals the environment and ethics

the notes must be in your own words, and notes that are simply pasted from the book, copied from other students’ notes, or copied from other sources will receive zero credit.

1)Choose one of the following, and complete one page (double spaced) of notes on the main points.

  1. On Animal Research: DeGrazia, Chap. 7, pg. 105-116, “Do important ends justify harmful means?”, “Harms and costs”, and “Alternatives”
  1. On Death: DeGrazia, Chap. 4, pg. 57-65, “The harm of confinement’”, “Is death a harm?”, and “Are these harms comparable across species?”
  1. On Farming and Meat Eating: DeGrazia, Chap. 5, pg. 70-79, “The institution of factory farming”, “Moral evaluation”, “Traditional family farming”, and “Seafood”
  1. On Pets and Zoos: DeGrazia, Chap. 6, pg. 82-87 and 92-95, “Conditions for keeping animals”, “Pets”, and “Should we keep animals in zoos?”

2) Choose one of the following videos, and write a 1 page essay (double spaced) comparing it to DeGrazia’s views in the matching chapter.


  1. On Animal Research: Experimenting on Animals: Inside the Monkey Lab: (Links to an external
  1. On Farming and Meat Eating: Ethics: Killing Animals for Food: (Links to an external site.)
  1. On Pets and Zoos: Have You Ever Thought About This? The Ethics of Pet Ownership: (Li
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