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For part one of your Research Project, you will compile an annotated bibliography based on relevant secondary sources you find through the Brenau Library. Because this is the first step toward writing the research paper, you must decide on your paper topic before you begin. Researching and using secondary sources effectively are skills that you will need in college and beyond. While you probably will not write research papers for a living, you will sort, evaluate, absorb, summarize, and report information—the more effectively, the better.

Through this assignment, you will demonstrate that you can read and comprehend sources you have consulted; you will also demonstrate your ability to locate relevant, credible secondary sources. In addition, this assignment gives me a chance to check your sources (and help you locate them if need be) so that there are no issues with the final Research Paper. Begin early!


A minimum of five secondary sources in MLA format, with annotations. See further information about sources below.

Your annotations will be 150-200-word paragraphs that summarize and evaluate—in other

words, you will summarize the author’s main argument, share particularly useful points, and say how (or whether) you think this information may prove useful in your paper.

All sources must be credible, peer-reviewed academic articles found through research in the library databases, or books

from the library’s collection (e-books included). Websites (if used, websites must be credible) or articles from a textbook may count as additional sources, but they do not count toward this research requirement. You may NOT use the Bible, Wikipedia,, Cliff’s Notes, SparkNotes, or other study guides for this assignment.

Primary sources (The Truth About Stories, plus other sources you choose to examine such as a film or creation myth) do not count toward the research requirement and should not be included.

Remember that in order to annotate effectively you must read

the sources. Begin early and give yourself time! Read more than once if necessary and highlight or take notes. A good strategy is to read/annotate one source per day. Do not wait to the last minute to write all of your annotations.

Each entry will begin with an MLA Works Cited entry for that source, followed by the annotation for the source. See the examples in the Research Project module.

Be sure to document your sources meticulously as you read (including page numbers), which will save you headaches when you begin writing your paper.

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