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Ch 8 Concept Definition

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8.4 Under the subsection Program Risks (p. 215), five examples are listed of conditions that may result in a significant probability of program failure:

•A leading-edge unproven technology is to be applied.

•A major increase in performance is required.

•A major decrease in cost is required for the same performance.

•A significantly more severe operating environment is postulated.

•An unduly short development schedule is imposed.

For each example, explain briefly what consequences of the condition may lead to a program failure.

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{1. The results of the application of unproven technology is unknown. Therefore, the risk of failure associated will subsequently increase.

2. The current performance is not sufficient for the operation of the program, and so the increase of performance may become a conduit for several other unforeseen issues; thus increasing the risk involved.

3. In order to maintain operability of the program, costs must be cut down into a more manageable amount, while still maintaining the high performance. This risk has multiple variables at play as it relies on the decrease of cost without hindering the performance. The probability of failure therefore increases.

4. If the product is faced with much more severe environmental factors, the associated risk will increase as its performance may be stunted due to variables not tested or taken into account prior.

5. The program is lacking the sufficient time period for it to be completed. The compression of the schedule will lead to a higher risk as in the likely case of problems arising, there is not enough time to solve them.}

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A. Kossiakoff W. Sweet, S. Seymour, and S. Biemer. Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, Second Edition, Wiley, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-470-40548-2

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