answer questions after a short reading

All the informatio are here after read the paragraph answer questions. It is war of 1812 and era of good feeling discussion.

We are entering a period of Democratic-Republican dominance. The Federalists are fading away and the faction led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison has taken over, eventually winning not just the presidency, but also large majorities in Congress.

We already saw how Jefferson was forced to compromise his ideals (weak federal government, strong state governments) with his purchase of Louisiana. And after the Embargo Act the economy of the nation is in a deep depression.

If there had been an organized opposition in 1808, Jefferson’s handpicked successor James Madison might not have won reelection so easily, if at all. But Madison does win and now he sets out to try to keep the US out of the conflict between Great Britain and France and maintain the Democratic-Republican ideals without compromise. He will fail at both.

He will eventually be drawn into war with Great Britain (the War of 1812) and will come to agree that a national bank is necessary and proper (a position he strongly opposed when Hamilton advocated for a national bank during the Washington administration.

After the war, James Monroe is elected president nearly unanimously and we will enter into the so-called Era of Good Feeling–though it wasn’t all as good as people remember.


  • Why was Madison unable to keep the US out of the war?
  • What effects did the war have on the US? On western Indians? On the Federalists?
  • What was the Monroe Doctrine?
  • What was the goal of the Monroe Doctrine?
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