answer the 8 questions from each paragraph

Please label all answers with the specific questions that is being responded to. Do not combine all scenario answers into one paragraph. Assignments that do so will not be scored.

The exam paper is not limited to a specific word or page count but students should strive to provide as clear and concise answers to the specific questions as possible. The exam paper should be single-spaced. A reference list should accompany the answers if quotations or paraphrases from external sources are used.

All quotations and paraphrases should be properly cited using APA or some other academic writing format. It is up to you which format you use but use it consistently. Students may not submit work undertaken for a different class.

Papers should use professional language. No slang, emoticons, text-speak etc.

PAF 410 Midterm

Part II

Scenario 1:

As head of a company,Exxel, you are looking to fill a position in your executive management team. To better screen potential candidates and shortlist the applicant pool, you are considering which skills and characteristics the ideal candidate should possess. To execute the position effectively, it is important that the candidate will be perceived as leader-like by followers and that the person will possess competencies that allow him or her to help you formulate the strategic plans for the future of the firm.

Q1. Which skills are important for your candidate to possess? Are some more important than others, if so why? (10 points)

Q2. Which characteristics are more likely to make the employees at Exxel perceive the candidate as leader-like? Briefly describe the characteristics and explain why persons possessing these characteristics are more likely to be perceived as leaders. (10 points)

Q3. Discuss potential strengths and weaknesses of using characteristics/traits models, such as the Big 5 personality factors, as screening tools in the executive management hire. (5 points)

Q4. Imagine Exxel decides to screen and hire candidates by using personality assessments. Select one of the ethical tests we discussed in class and explain why the decision to use personality assessments for hiring would be ethical or not ethical based on that ethical test. (5 points)

Scenario 2:

As part of the annual professional development workshop for city managers in local government the keynote speaker argued that words have the power to transform the motivation of your followers. Specifically, the speaker encouraged you to actively use charismatic leadership tactics (CLTs) in your everyday communication. Several sub-departments were recently merged by your city administration into the new Parks and Recreations department that you now oversee. The first staff meeting after the merger is coming up next week and you wish to be perceived as competent and capable of making people come together for a shared purpose.

Q5. Describe the concept of charisma as we have discussed in this course. (10 points)

Q6. Give two or more examples of CLTs and explain why this/these may help you convey a visionary message in an effective way. (10 points)

Q7. In the staff meeting you wish to promote the new vision statement that you have been working on for the Parks and Recreation department. Give example(s) of one or more values that are likely to be embedded in the vision statement for the Park and Recreation department. (5 points)

Q8. You are still not sure whether to include a narrow set of values or many different values that speak to the diverse communities that the department serves. Based on recent research, describe the two main components of an effective vision statement and explain why these components make for more effective vision statements.(10 points)

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