answer three of the following questions each answer should be between 400 and 500 words

Please answer three of the following questions. Each answer should be between 400 and 500 words. Do not use the same visual example for more than one question. Your answers should be written out as complete sentences, well organized, and free of spelling errors.

  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between Chicano and Nuyorican art from the 1960s to the 1980s, making reference to period texts (Salazar and/or Gonzales & Alaurista for Chicano, Thomas for Nuyorican). Frame your discussion around at least four works of art that you consider best exemplify each movement (i.e. two works per movement).
  2. The topic of visibility and invisibility is a common theme in Latinx art. Identify and discuss four works of art by different artists that speak to these themes, grounding your analysis on specific context from which each work emerges. One of the artworks you discuss should be by artists from our lecture series (i.e. Glendalys Medina or Alicia Grullón). Bring up relevant readings, though it is not necessary to cite a specific reading for each example.
  3. Discuss some of the terms we have gone over in class, relating them to particular readings and works of art. Choose from the following list of terms, addressing at least two but no more than five of the bullet points.
    • Latin America/Latin American
    • Latino/Latina/Latinx
    • Hispanic
    • Latinidad
    • Area Studies/Ethnic Studies
    • Operative Construct
    • Intersectional
    • Community or Imagined Community
    • Rasquachismo/Rasquache
  4. Discuss some of the specificities of either the artistic production of artists with roots in Central American or in the Dominican Republic through a discussion of art works and readings. Choose at least two and no more than four art works to discuss. Answer the question in relation to either one group or the other, not both.

Please remember to cite your sources – parenthetical documentation is fine. If you need more information on a particular work of art, artists’ websites are a great resource.

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