Anthropology 130 Article Summary 3 30 points total


In this summary, you will be writing multiple short summaries for all three of the recent weekly

readings. This means that you do not have to cover as much detail for each mini-summary.

Write your responses in a new document. If you are typing, use standard college formatting (12

pt. font, double-spaced). Upload the file to Canvas to turn it in. You can handwrite the answers

on a separate sheet as well. Make sure that your name is at the top of the paper version.

Also, make sure that the answers are your own writing instead of direct quotes from the paper.

This assignment is due with Pack 3.

Articles from Weeks 6, 7, and 8

Goal: Write short summaries on recent readings

Style: Objective and structured

Do all three of the assigned articles from Weeks 6 through 8, found in the Weekly Readings


Lundy, J. K. (1998). Forensic Anthropology: What Bones Can Tell Us. Laboratory Medicine, 29(7), 423-427. doi: 10.1093/labmed/29.7.423

Nisbett, R. E. (2007). All brains are the same color. The New York Times. Retrieved from 2007/12/09/opinion/09nisbett.html?pagewanted=all

Silverstein, J. (2015). Genes don’t cause racial-health disparities, society does. The Atlantic. Retrieved from https://

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Write a summary organized this way based on each article. Each mini-summary is just one


1. Starts with a sentence that gives the title and authors of the essay. (1 point)

2. Then the paragraph summarizes the author’s main point. (2 points)

3. Then gives an overview of what the author describes in his writing. Do not repeat their fine details, but sum up what he wrote.

4. End the paragraph with a brief reflection: how does the essay match or go against your own experiences?

5. Style pointers: be sure that your summary has the following qualities.

1. College level writing: free from spelling and grammatical problems

2. Little to no use of direct text from the paper

3. Arrange the three mini-summaries to be like the diagram to the right:

Each mini-summary should just be around 150 words each. Choose the details to mention

carefully! The total assignment should be over 450 words. Grading is based on following the

above instructions. See the grading rubric with the assignment on Canvas.

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