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HiThe second paper is centered around a photograph/picture of your choice and you need to write a paper discussing various aspects of your processing of this picture including aspects of perception (ch4) memory (ch6) and knowledge representation (ch6&ch7). Please review the instructions here and submit the paper in the link below. Remember that your paper needs to be in paper format (title, author’s name, full paragraphs meaningfully connected, citations in the text and references listed in the end). Your paper needs to address the questions listed below but it should NOT be a list of answers. It is your task to integrate the answers into one paper. For example for part 3 instead ot saying “the schema I am using here is… I was asked what type of schema it is and it is…. etc” write a paragraph like I wrote below for my picture (see wiki for my picture and a full example)

“In my picture I am standing in front of a street fall decoration. My schema for fall decorations include items such as pumpkins, scarecrows, mums, hay red and yellow leaves, jack-o-lanterns, skulls, black cats and bats. This schema is an example of a scene-schema because it is a representation of set of objects organized in a certain way (just like chairs and table are typically organized in a certain way in a classroom scene but differently in a kitchen scene and you would not find them at all in bathroom scene). The fact that I retrieve this schema when trying to remember this scene might affect my memory by distorting my episodic memory for this particular scene to better fit my semantic memory represented by my schema. For example, I thought there were fall leaves in the display but when examining the picture carefully there really aren’t any. I remember fall leaves because they are part of my schema even though they were not actually in the display. The particular objects we expect in fall displays in this area are culturally dependent, for example, day-of-the-dead displays in Mexico (during the same time of year) also include skulls but they are specially decorated with dots and lines and flowery decorations. other items include many different kinds of flowers (not just mums), cut outs in colorful papers (including colors not associated with fall in this counrty like bright pink and blue), fruits (apples, pears, etc) and cakes/sweetbreads (bing.comimages)”

Here are the sections/questions that your paper should address, look over the questions again when you finish the paper and make sure you addressed all of them:

Insert your picture under the title.

1. Perception: What depth cues are present in you photograph and what category do they all fall in? Find at least three and for each one do the following: Name the cue, explain how it works in general, and describe exactly how it works in your picture (where is it? what objects, characteristics, features, etc are involved).

2. Types of memory: What is the memory you most strongly associate with this picture?- describe it and explain what type of memory it is. Identify three other memories you have related to your picture: You should have at least four memories altogether for your picture: Episodic, Semantic, Procedural, Priming (e.g., perceptual priming).

3. Identify a schema that is related to the picture and analyze it based on the following questions:

a. What is the specific schema you identified?

b. What type of schema is it?

c. How might this schema affect your memory for the picture or the event associated with it?

d. How might this schema be affected by cultural differences? (you will probably need to look for more information on this from other sources as well)

ome things you already know, but lets make sure you remember them before submitting your paper:

Please read the instructions for any paper again before you submit it and check that you followed all of them.

Please remember that the paper should be in the form of a paper (not a series of bullets for example).

Make sure the paper is properly formatted and follows APA guidelines- see information folder below if you forgot how to do it.

Submit the paper as an attachments in Microsoft Word or RTF format. Do not use Notepad to write your paper as the formatting can be lost with that program and I will not be able to give you detailed feedback.

Most importantly, remember you need to explain things not just list them. For example, if you choose a particular psychology area, what is this area focused on in general and why is it relevant to the experience you discuss?

The overall purpose of each paper is to demonstrate your knowledge of the course material and ability to apply it. It will be graded accordingly. Make sure to look at the rubric to see what sections are expected and study the course material to include the expected content.

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