apsa research paper on china

Research paper of 5-7 pages.

Formatting guidelines are as follows: double-spaced lines, one-inch margins (i.e., top,

bottom, left, and right), and Times New Roman font. A bibliography must be included and

follow American Political Science Association Style for citations.

1. Give an overview of the country’s population, economy, and political system

Start with the CIA World Fact book


2. Throughout the evaluation about the countries political system and population, include

information from the World Values Survey that showcase the strength of democratic

participation. The following variables are found in wave 6 2010-14. Use the newest data set you

can but if you must use an older set, the variable numbers may differ. I can help find them or

you can use the search bar.


Use any variables deemed useful including:


V4-V9 Values : Importance in Life: family, politics, work, religion, etc


V13 and 14 qualities: hard work, responsibility


V29- active in political party (may use any v25-35 groups)


V60-61 aims of country


V98 government responsibility


V108-120, 126 confidence in institutions


V127-130 political system


V131-141 Democracy


V226- 228A through 228k Voting

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