Argumentative essay

Project Topic – Intellectual disabled patients and autonomy in issues of decision making on their healthcare

·  My Position/Argument – Intellectual disabled patients should not be given total autonomy in decision making on their health care matters.

·  Counter-argument – The strongest ethical positional an opponent would take against my position is that autonomy is central ethical value in western medicine.

1.  Introduction:

Sample thesis statement

2.  Ethical issue – main portion of project:

–  Present information that support your thesis with source

–  Present opposing viewpoint —– with potential source

3.  Conclusion

4.  References:sw

Varelius J. (2006). The value of autonomy in medical ethics. Medicine, health care and philosophy, 9930, 377-388.

Moore. K.L. (2020). Disabled autonomy. Journal of Health Care Law & Policy, 22,245-279.

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