army sharp essay

ARMY BLC ESSAY ‼️ Preferably someone affiliated with the military or greatly educated on military.

Title: why does the number of sexual assaults continue to increase through the army?

Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs

•opening statement

•background information

•thesis statement

Body: 2-4 paragraphs (each point should be a paragraph)

•point A- why does sexual assault occur? Include supporting evidence

•point B- Does our current approach to training reduce (or not reduce) the risk of sexual assault and harassment. (could be tied to point A)

•point C- Supporting topic and evidence to support your thesis

•point D- How do we end sexual violence in the military?

Conclusion: 1-2 paragraphs

•Summarize the main points

•Make a strong memorable final statement

Format requirements

12 point font in arial and double spaced

Essay must be 1-2 pages in length not including title page

Essay must have title page

Essays must contain two references ( peer reviewed articles, ARs, interviews)

Essay must contain reference page ‼️

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