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ASSIGNMENT 1: Read the following essay, “Religion in the Form of Art.” I want you to write a reverse outlineof this essay; by this I mean that I want you to tell me the thesis of the paper, the topic of each body paragraph, and how that paragraph develops the thesis and relates to the previous point of the argument.


Now that you have your reverse outline, I want you to write a one paragraph critique of this paper’s argument. What is effective about it? What is it missing? How would you fix it? Are any points left unconnected or undeveloped? What did you learn from this paper that you could apply to your own?


Remember – I want your body paragraphs to each prove a single, specificclaim.

The following paragraph has many excellent ideas, but its topic sentence doesn’t assert a specificclaim. Instead, it just asserts that there are “many ways” in which religion is like art, and proceeds to condense many ideas, each worthy of its own, isolated paragraph, into one long, sprawling graph, that doesn’t leave the author any space to explore their terrific ideas.

For this last assignment, I want you to find all of the individual paragraph ideas within this paragraph. Then, see if these individual ideas connect! How would you connect them into an argument, or a thesis?

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