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Preparation:… (Links to an external site.)

Here are the official guidelines. Above is a link to a fairly extensive list of contemporary artists. All mediums are represented by the artists on this list. Begin looking it over and do a bit of research. You are also welcome to find artists elsewhere, or to choose an artist you know. Remember, the point of this assignment is to find an artist who is living the life you envision for yourself. Feel free to dream big! Choose an artist who is truly pursuing the career that you would most like to successfully pursue. You don’t have to be practical when making your choice. As we discussed in class, living artists are probably more likely to provide a realistic model. But I won’t limit you to living artists. Who am I to say that you won’t become the next Nam June Paik? I am also including a list of artists that I provide for my Photo classes. You will find it in the Files folder. Not all of the artists there are Photo specific. The list (in the files folder) is broken up into categories. Some will be irrelevant to non-photo majors, but if you continue to scroll down, you’ll find artist who use other mediums to realize their work. There is a lot of crossover between the two lists.

You will choose one artist and present a slide show through Zoom about her/his/their work. We will be using the screen sharing mode that you used during the last class when we critiqued work. You may opt to use PowerPoint, Keynote or even a slideshow from a folder of images. Stay away from video clips unless you are presenting the work of a video, animation, or other form of time-based artist. You may show extremely brief (30 sec. max.) video clips. Little or no video clips for artists who don’t use video or time-based media. I want to hear your thoughts regarding your artist of choice, not those of a person who created a documentary about your artist of choice. Your presentation should be 5 minutes total in length. 10 minutes is the absolute limit. Make sure you include a good number of images of the artist’s work (5 minimum), and not just a lot of text with a list of biographical facts and achievements. It is fine to include this sort of information as long as it is in additionto images, and not in place of them.

10 minutes is the absolute limit:

Practice your presentation ahead of time and come thoroughly prepared. Presentations tend to run a little longer than one expects (even when practiced and timed), so if you plan on 5 minutes, you won’t be as likely to run over 10 minutes (the absolute limit). We won’t have time to look at the presentations of everyone in the class if the presentations run long. I will stop you at 10 minutes, whether you are finished or not, and you will lose credit for lack of preparation…not only that, but we’ll miss your grand finale. Please come prepared. Time limitations are a part of the professional world. Learning to give well-organized, concise presentations is excellent practice for your professional future.

Know the material you’ll be using/referencing:

You should thoroughly research the artist on whom you will be presenting. Choosing to take tour around a website or two is risky. If you are going to do this, you should know your way around the website really well, indicating to me that you have been there before and are thoroughly familiar with the site. Downloading images and preparing an actual presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. is preferable. It would be best to practice even with a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation. Public speaking can be intimidating, but this is another survival skill that will help you succeed as a professional in the world beyond the university. Most careers will involve presentations of one sort or another, so again, consider this valuable experience for your future.

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