assess the effectiveness of the standard imaging diagnostic approach over duplex ultrasonography

This assignment is a synthesis of the course. The purpose of this assignment is to disseminate findings in a scholarly format just as if you were presenting at a professional conference.

We have provided you a poster to edit. Download poster template here.

You need to add your specific health or system topic that you have developed throughout this course. Add information from your review of the literature under each heading. Identify the three most important references and add to the Evidence Appraisal table. Be sure to identify the Level of Hierarchy of the article and assign a GRADE, based on the readings and how GRADE is formulated.

You are encouraged to add meaningful and relevant pictures.

In addition to uploading your poster, also upload the 3 articles in your table so we can verify the level and GRADE.

Examples: You can view other types of posters students have developed in other classes to identify how color and pictures can add meaning. Substance Abuse Poster and Breast Cancer Poster.

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