assignment 2081


Camosun is in the process of upgrading/replacing our current software systems used for admissions, registration, student services, financial aid, payroll, accounts payable and human resources. The new system will offer a better enterprise-wide system.

This assignment gives you an opportunity to explore the new system and reflect upon it using some of the topics covered so far in our course.

Begin by viewing the following three videos that showcase the new software:

• •

Next, visit the Ellucian website:… explore their Colleague by Ellucian software. As you read through the features andbenefits, think about how Ellucian’s systems could benefit Camosun College.

Write a report that discusses the following:

  1. Describe any three features of the new software and how they will benefit Camosun. Be specific and use what we have learned so far in the course to frame your discussion.
  2. The college is planning on converting to the new software over a two year period. Discuss why a project like this can take so long. Describe two significant risk factors that the college should be aware of. What would you do to minimize the risk?

As you write your report, think deeply about what you are discussing. Use the knowledge you have gained so far in this course to frame your discussion (for example, you may discuss business processes, organizational effectiveness, change management, SaaS issues, project management, etc.).


Your report should be in Microsoft Word. Follow the APA standard (including any references you use) and submit a paper copy to your instructor before the due date.

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