assignment 4 98

select 2 architectural critics from the list below. Find one article from each critic (be sure tocite your source), and write a brief (one paragraph) summary of each criticism. In an additional paragraph, compare/comment on the writing style and readability of the authors….would you recommend them to a friend?. Be prepared to discuss your observations in class. This assignment is to be “typed” (word-processed); hand-written submittals are not acceptable. Remember the single page, 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper format. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage research and reading.

CriticsPeter Blake -THE NEW REPUBLICBlair Kamin -THE CHICAGO TRIBUNERobert Campbell -THE BOSTON GLOBESam Hall Kaplan -THE LOS ANGELES TIMESBeth Dunlop -THE MIAMI HERALDHerbert Muschamp (d. 2007) -THE NEW YORK TIMESJoseph Giovannini -THE NEW YORK TIMESNicolai Ouroussoff -THE NEW YORK TIMESPaul Goldberger -THE NEW YORKER (formerly)Robin Pogrebin -THE NEW YORK TIMES Christopher Hawthorne -THE LOS ANGELES TIMESWitold Rybczynski -THE NEW YORK TIMESAda Louise Huxtable -THENEW YORK TIMESMichael Sorkin -THE VILLAGE VOICEJane Jacobs -THE NEW YORK TIMESSarah Williams Goldhagen -THE NEW REPUBLIC

This list is not all-inclusive; there are additional critics and additional publications. Should you wish to research a critic not on the list, please clear the critic with me.A number of people have complained that they had to “subscribe” or “pay” for copies of online articles. In some cases that may be so, although I have found that:I can usually find downloadable articles at no charge. Some online subscriptions are free, especially to students. Most of these newspapers and magazines are available for free at the USF Library, or any public library……be serendipitous!!!!!Most of these newspapers and magazines are available for purchase at local newsstands, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc……..again, be serendipitous!!!!!

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