assignment the prospectus

Assignment: Using the Prospectus Template and Checklist

You will be writing your Prospectus by filling in the Prospectus Template. The first page of the template is the title page.

Additionally, each section of the Prospectus must contain specific material. A checklist is available to assure that each element is completed.

This week you will begin drafting your Prospectus. You will fill out the title page using the Prospectus template, write the first draft of your Background section, and fill out the checklist.

Note that this starts a cumulative process. Each week you will draft a new section of the Prospectus, adding it to the template from the previous week, and completing the associated section of the checklist.

To Prepare:
  • Review Section 2.01 of the APA Publication Manual, familiarizing yourself with the APA guidelines for paper titles.
  • Download the Prospectus Template from this week’s Learning Resources.
The Assignment

Title Page

This is your first use of the Prospectus Template and you will be revising this document throughout different iterations of this course. To begin, create an MS Word document with title page for your study. Give your study a title, using the APA guidelines to inform your title creation.

You will continue to add text to and revise this template as the term progresses. This means that your title too, may go through various iterations as you refine your research, so change your title as needed throughout the course.

First Draft of Your Background Section

According to your Dissertation Prospectus Guide, the function of the Background section of the Prospectus is to:

    “Provide a) the key words or phrases that you searched, and the databases used; and b) a representative list of scholarship and findings or annotated bibliography that support and clarify the main assertions in the problem statement, highlighting their relationship to the topic, for example, “this variable was studied with a similar sample by Smith (2013) and Johnson (2014)” or “Jones’s (2012) examination of industry leaders showed similar trends in the same key segments.”

Some of these resources may have already been mentioned in the first sections of the Prospectus and can be included here, also. Provide 5 to 10 peer-reviewed articles most of which should have been published within the last five years and/or represent current information on the topic.”

As noted in the Student Guide to Alignment, located in the weekly Learning Resources,

    as demonstrated in the sample prospectus contained within the Walden Dissertation Prospectus Guide, this can simply be a list of peer-reviewed articles that substantially relate to the social problem, research problem, constructs, variables, themes, theories, and so on. For each one, describe the essence of the article that relates to or guides your research.

Note: You will notice in this week and all future weeks in this course, that the instructions from the Prospectus Guide and the Alignment Guide are often repeated. This is provided as a convenience, but it is expected that you are reading and using the complete documents in the development of your Prospectus.

Using at least six of your references, create a first draft of your Background section. Also, complete the associated sections of the checklist.

You should revise this section regularly as needed but will be asked to work on this again in Week 9 after you have reviewed more articles in depth. Keep in mind that your chair may recommend you seek out additional library support, if he or she believes you may benefit from this. Remember, it is the chair’s job to consider what resources would best serve you, the student.

References Walden University. (2018). Office of Student Research Administration: PhD Dissertation Program. Center for Research Quality. Retrieved from…

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