b) Select three metrics that you will use in your final paper to measure the effectiveness of the HR programs at the end of the transformation you will design. a) Share with the class why you have selected the metrics you did AND how you will gather the data for the metrics. one reference.

The three metrics to measure the effectiveness of the HR programs at the end of transformation that I have designed are:

Staff engagement- Staff engagement is pertinent for any organization to maximize the productivity. The design should have a strong and positive culture so that the staff are engaged and feel motivated to do their work. To know if the staffs are engaged, the best way to measure is survey. The survey should have questions of what they think about the program.
Employee turnover- This metric determines how many employees left the company. If the HR program was ineffective, then the attrition rate would be high. This is because of employee dissatisfaction. This metric is measured using the statistics of how many employees left in the last 12 months compared to the previous year. It is important to categorize the people who left the company (eg: most talented and less skilled workers). It is important for an organization to retain the highly talented employees. The company should not leave the most wanted employee to quit the company.
Absenteeism- A reduced absenteeism shows that the company has a healthy and motivated team. In order to measure the absenteeism rate, the statistics from the attendance register needs to be taken for a certain period (12 months) and compare with the previous year. It is important for the companies to curb the absenteeism to improve the efficiency of the organization.

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